Julenia Speaks

Unlimited Passion ~ Evading the Darkness


About the Author 

Julenia Speaks is a foster care alumna, a master’s-level human services professional, and an author of fiction and nonfiction books. Her fiction books have been written to educate, entertain, inform and cause the reader to think beyond the world of her books. They are not typical romance books. They are urban interracial romance stories that are sexy and dark with emotionally
compelling characters.

Each book features a character that lived in the foster care system as a child and addresses real-life issues such as sex trafficking, domestic violence, sexual harassment in the work place, separation, and divorce. The emotional journeys are erotic and always full of adventure. They are perfect for adult romance readers who enjoy reading about strong men and smart heroines with complex issues that they can relate to.

Her nonfiction books are published under Valarie Anthony and address issues related to foster care and independent living for youth. They have been written to educate, inform, and provide a unique perspective through reading and a series of discussion questions and exercises.

Julenia is a daughter, a sister, and a mother. She resides in Tarrant County, Texas and stays busy working as an author, speaker, and trainer. She is also the president of the Arlington Creativity Group, where creative individuals meet on a weekly basis to work on their creativity projects. When she is not working, she is usually out socializing with friends and family.   

Mission Statement 

To bring experiences to life through my writing, to introduce readers to different situations and experiences related to living and loving, and to invite readers to follow me on my journey into the alluring world filled with

my creativity

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